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Understanding and Collecting Pulp Magazines – Trevor Alvord

Many in the literary mainstream viewed the magazines and the stories themselves as nothing more then folk-literature, too lowbrow and salacious to warrant serious attention or collection.  Adding to this narrative concept of “frivolous fiction” was the fact that these magazines were printed on the cheapest paper available at the time, wood-pulp.

Collecting Mormon Books in Dust Jackets – Curt Bench

The dust wrapper (as it was first known) was introduced in London in 1833. One of the earliest and best-known LDS book jackets is found on The House of the Lord by James E. Talmage, published in 1912. Recently found a book that predates Talmage’s by 24 years (The Story of the Book of Mormon) will be shown and discussed.

B.H. Roberts, Mormonism’s Unlikely Intellectual – Larry Draper

From his birth in Warrington, England in 1857 to his death from complications associated with diabetes in 1933, Brigham Henry Roberts demonstrated a life of unlikely success. One of the most prolific writers in the history of the LDS Church, his record of publications spanned more than half a century.

A Bicentennial Look at the Life and Writings of Charles Dickens – Scott Duvall

In his own time Charles Dickens was considered the greatest novelist of his time. He enjoyed a wider fame than any of his contemporaries and he remains popular to this day. He published his works in several formats: monthly installments or parts; serial publications in literary journals; triple decker (3 volumes); and single volume monographs.

In this seminar we will discuss the life of Charles Dickens and discover his genius through looking at the first printing and editions of his works. We will pay special attention to his Christmas writings as we examine the influence Dickens has had on our own culture. For instance, at least 180 motion pictures and TV adaptations have been based on the works authored by Charles Dickens. He was born on Feb. 7, 1812 so this is a timely bicentennial glance at this great novelist.

The Books and Pamphlets of Parley P. Pratt -Matthew J. Grow

This presentation will discuss the historical context of the writing and publishing of Parley P. Pratt’s pamphlets and books. In the first generation of Mormon print culture, Pratt was a dominant figure whose writings established the contours of Latter-day Saint writings on many topics and whose printed works ranged across many genres, including poetry, history, fiction, and apologetics. Pratt’s pamphlet literature as well as his most important works, including Millennium and Voice of Warning will be discussed.

Bibles for the Budget Book Collector – Maggie Kopp

The Bible is one of the best-loved and often-printed books in the world. As such the Bible provides a challenge for book collectors. Important editions of the Bible may be priced out of many a collector’s reach (a 1611 King James Bible is currently on the market for $185,000!); but the ubiquity of the 19th-21st century Bible editions often make them undesirable to the discriminating collector. What is a budget-minded book collector to do? This seminar will discuss several possible approaches for building a Bible collection, such as collecting Bibles in specific formats or languages. We’ll also stop by the library’s current exhibit, The Life and Legacy of the King James Bible, to take a look at several different versions of the Bible in English.

Interesting and Unusual Things People Do to Their Books – Robert L. Maxwell

You’d be surprised what people do once they own a book. Drawing from the collections in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections, this seminar will examine strange, wonderful, interesting and unusual things people do to published books after they’ve acquired them. Participants will learn about and be able to examine books with fore-edge paintings, extra-illustrated books, and bindings designed for a specific owner, among other oddities.

Mormon Women Write It All: Manuscripts and the Creative Spark – Kristi A. Young

Mormon women do not fit into neat stereotypical packages and the same is true of Mormon women authors. There are very few genres they do not tackle no neat pigeonholes for them! Modern history, fantasy, adventure, mystery, scriptural history , young adult, chick lit, and contemporary fiction are all tackled by the authors that we will discuss. Their manuscripts and accompanying notes as well as other evidences of their creative process will be displayed and discussed.

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